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PatioMaster Durban

PatioMaster is South Africa’s leading patio, awning, carports, shade ports company. As an established and trusted national company. PatioMaster offers proven product ranges of Awnings, carports, patio, shade ports and solar panel carports. Our hand on leadership and management style ensures customers are served by experienced, knowledgeable and friendly team members. if you need help deciding which patio/carports will best suit your home/building, we can arrange for an experienced approved awnings expert to visit your premises to offer free advise.

Our products, you can be re-assured by the value behind them we use SABS approved products. We have been nominated for Durban Chamber of Commerce entrepreneurs competition 2014.

Awining, Carport, Patio, Shadeports & Building Services

PatioMaster also provide Contemporary Building, Decking, Skylight and Dome installations around Durban.


We work with you to design and incorporate personalized  and construct a space that allows you to relax or entertain after work or on weekends.

Personalized outdoor patio. Add value to your property, lower maintenance ,relax and take it easy.


Awnings prevents the sun from shining through windows and sliding glass doors, they can keep temperature inside cooler as well. Which save on air- conditioning cost. It also help prevent carpets and furniture from fading in sun lights.


Carports is a cover structure used in offer limited protection to vehicles,primarily cars, from rain, storm damaged and sunlights. The structure can either be free standing or attached to the wall.

Contemporary building  

Contemporary architecture often make use of building materials that help to minimize your carbon footprint, helping you to save money on bills and reduce energy consumption. Including bricks, metal,wood and modern glass. We also offer general building and renovations and alteration including house construction,plumbing,electrical,painting and tiling.

We are member of Construction Industrial  Development Board (CIDB) Master Builders Association (MBA) And National Home Builders Registration Council ( NHBRC)


When it comes to choosing the most durable decking option for your decking projects the question you should ask yourself .

How durable is the option I’m considering?

Which option is will stand for up best for my garden?

How this option I choose looks, both immediately on installation and after it has weathered?

Most homeowners prefer to have their outdoor constructed using exotic, tropical and imported wood.

Skylights and Domes

The skylights increases in natural lights that a skylight provides can have a variety of physical and psychological benefits.

Skylights helps not only bringing new life to the building, but also improves our healthy and happiness as well.

Skylights provide your home with daylights and ventilation. Minimize your heating,cooling and lighting costs.


There’s a lots of benefit for having a Shadeport installed to your home and businesses to protects you assets from sunlights its also reduced debris.


PatioMaster is affiliated with the following organisations in Durban, you can trust PatioMaster with your next project.


PatioMaster work with the following organisations in Durban, you can trust PatioMaster with your next project.

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